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For every purchase over $250 we plant a tree

Our tree planting initiative is about establishing an easily recognizable link between the life-cycle of the tree into a customer’s home. From the amount of C02 it once stored, and the need to replace our finite resources which support the lungs of our planet. To do so we have contracted Carbon Neutral to plant native trees on our and your behalf in WA for every sale over $250. Your tree has AUS Gold Standard Certification; fighting climate change by storing carbon, reducing salinity for farmers and promoting wildlife habitats with mixed vegetation plantings in the Australian Wheatbelt.

Helping to Grow More Trees

A Cut Above the Rest

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The Fall of an Ancient Giant

Earlier this year we were contacted by a farmer in East Balingup Western Australia, with a large Marri tree on his property which had fallen in the wind during a storm. Following extensive deforestation in the area during the late 19th century, only a hand-full of these giants remain and it's not uncommon for these tree's to be chopped into firewood by unknowing farmers

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