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Jarrah Timber

Jarrah Timber Adelaide

Jarrah Timber in Adelaide | An Overview

Jarrah Timber in Adelaide is a robust, fire-resistant timber known for its valuable outdoor uses. It is a unique Australian hardwood with great durability and strength properties. The colour of Jarrah ranges from a beautiful vibrant red to burgundy. Here is an overview of our high-quality Jarrah timber:

  1. Appearance: Our high-quality Jarrah is known for its vibrant, rich colour that naturally deepens over time. The Jarrah sapwood’s shade ranges from pale yellow to somewhere between pink and orange. The Jarrah timber has an evenly textured grain. Moreover, we do not kiln-dry our timber but rather let it air-dry over time.
  2. Common Applications: The robust nature of Jarrah is popular in several engineering applications that involve bridge constructions, road bases, or railway sleepers. The structural uses vary from flooring, cladding and decking.

Jarrah Timber in Adelaide | What We Offer

With uses ranging from both commercial and domestic, Fremantle Timber Trader’s Jarrah timber is the most preferred in all of Adelaide. We offer different types of Jarrah timber, for example;

  1. Natural Jarrah Bush Poles: Since Jarrah is a strong timber, it can be used in poles, patios, or pillars.
  2. Jarrah Slabs that are cut to order as per our client’s needs: Slabs made out of Jarrah are not only durable but are great for rustic environments such as kitchen or washrooms. Since they are water-resistant and scratch-free they make a beautiful addition to such spaces.
  3. Jarrah Sleepers: They are great for decking, flooring, mantles, garden beds, landscape design, interior design and external cladding.
  4. Big posts and beams / rare bridge timbers: This variety of Jarrah timber is used in pergolas, outdoor living areas, landscape design as well as building and construction, interior design, signs, lintels and mantles.
  5. Jarrah Flooring: We offer the best quality Jarrah timber for flooring and wall panelling.
Jarrah Timber Adelaide
Jarrah Timber Adelaide

What Makes Us Stand Out | Jarrah Timber in Adelaide

After spending almost a decade in this field, the high-quality of our Jarrah timber in Adelaide speaks for itself. Although there is a lot of variety of Jarrah timber available, being able to decipher the quality of the product you are purchasing can be a little challenging. However, we are here to solve this problem for you. Our capable team at Fremantle Timber Traders offer the best quality of Jarrah timber that is hand-crafted and naturally dried by our craftsmen and artisans. Most of our employees have a strong background of 40 or more years in recycling and demolition. This sums up how highly trained they are.

The family of Fremantle Timber Traders has a zero wastage policy; hence all our workers spend their days recycling timber to collect a beautiful aesthetic Jarrah timber ready to pick up and use.

Contact Fremantle Timber Traders to get your very own Jarrah timber in Adelaide. We are your trusted suppliers, so you can rest assured you will be getting value for your money.