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Recycled Timber Perth

Recycled Timber Perth

Why Should You Choose Recycled Timber in Perth?

There is a multitude of benefits to using recycled timber in Perth, including:

  1. Strength
    Recycled timber is seasoned and stable, and can be value added straight away for table tops, without the need to wait for drying.
  1. Environmentally Friendly
    Using recycled wood has an obvious benefit – sustainability. By opting to use one, you save another tree from being cut, therefore reducing deforestation. Moreover, you save energy costs associated with the transport to the mill, drying and delivery to the market. These are the huge hidden savings in recycled timber.
  1. Quality and Appearance
    Recycled timber was often the ‘first grade loss’ chosen from an abundance of trees in the park. We select the best of this old first grade timber, which has rich colours and textures that only mature timber possesses.
  1. Larger and Longer
    This type of timber can have longer and larger dimensions. Large and long timber is hard to source in Western Australia, as most have been cut down.

What is Recycled Timber in Perth?

Recycled timber in Perth is basically any type of wood that could have gone to wastage but has been salvaged for re-use. We recycle timber from houses and factories. We also salvage logs from the demolition of buildings, roads and from clearings. We process this is Fremantle and supply for renovators, gardeners and landscapers, and value add for residential and commercial interiors and external structures.

Aside from that, some reclaimed wood is of poor quality as well. Fortunately, we have strong attention to detail, so we can spot one from a mile away. While the salvaging process is unsurprisingly tedious, our 40 years of collective experience has allowed us to perfectly prepare them for re-use and resell purposes. We do all the dirty work in transforming them into fully re-usable pieces and ensure only the best timber is left.

Recycled Timber Perth
Recycled Timber Perth

Uses of Recycled Timber in Perth

Believe it or not, recycled timber in Perth can be used in almost anything you can imagine. Thanks to its affordable price yet beautiful and quality composition, most people even purchase for their DIY projects. Generally, this timbers is used as:

  1. Flooring
    Reclaimed wood is best used as flooring because of its unique look. It can add character to a space, be it for your decking or indoor area.
  1. Furniture
    Most clients request to customise reclaimed wood into countertops, cabinets, tables and more. There are also other innovative things we can do, such as adding coloured resin. This creates an even more magical version of the wood.
  1. Doors and Windows
    Because of its tensile strength, recycled timber is the perfect wood for your doors and windows.
  1. Other Uses
    When it comes to using reclaimed wood, their are no limitations. Others use it for cladding, DIY projects and more.

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