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Timber Benchtops

Timber benchtops Adelaide

Timber Benchtops in Adelaide | Why Our Timber is the Preferred Option

From adding the final touches to your living and dining spaces to completing your kitchen, timber benchtops in Adelaide are a beautiful addition to your space. Not only do they provide extra space to work, but they are highly functional and practical. With a variety of benchtop materials available to choose from, it can be a little challenging and confusing to pick one. That’s where we come in. Here is a list of why choosing timber benchtops is the right choice:

  1. Appearance: Thanks to the different timber species, you have a variety of colours and textures to choose from. Timber gives a sleek and shiny look to benchtops and a warmer feel compared to other materials.
  2. Maintenance: Timber is manageable. When used in kitchens, cuts, scratches, spills, or smudges are a mundane thing. They make benchtops rusty. However, timber is an excellent option for a rustic kitchen, as this is not the case.

Timber Benchtops in Adelaide | What We Offer

If you are looking for high-quality timber benchtops in Adelaide, Fremantle Timber Traders is just right for you. From Marri to Jarrah, Maritime Pine, Wandoo, Tuart, Karri, Blackbutt and Sheoak, you have a whole variety of timber that you can choose from. Here is what we have to offer:

  1. Our timber benchmarks have finished thickness that ranges from approximately 28mm to 80mm. The standard size that we offer is 40mm.
  2. Our experts can give your benchtop a finished look with a Bullnose or Natural Edge.
  3. Your benchtops are hand-finished and sanded until they reach perfection.
  4. We also offer lamination of your benchtops. It can be as narrow as you like ranging from 80mm to 120mm, or as wide as you want, ranging from 120mm to 260mm planks.
Timber benchtops Adelaide
Timber benchtops Adelaide

Fremantle Timber Traders | Timber Benchtops in Adelaide

Fremantle Timber Traders have a team of fully qualified tradesmen and with over 40 years of experience in the industry, we offer unmatched timber benchtops in Adelaide. For us, our clients are the top priority and we always bring about changes in our policies and work environment to keep our clients pleased.

One of these policies is our ease of customisation; you can show us your design and we can customise it exactly how you like. Most of our solid timber work is usually custom made, catering to the style of our clients. We have a decade of experience working with hotels, restaurants, bars and other commercial and private clients. During this time, we have made a number of architectural designs like vanity tops and custom flooring.

Most importantly, the timber we use in manufacturing is 100% recycled and reclaimed. This not only makes us sustainable but also an environmentally friendly option.

What’s better than a complete package of high-quality timber benchtops in Adelaide that are recycled and reclaimed? Be nature’s friend and contact us today.