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Timber Benchtops Perth

Timber Benchtops Perth

Enjoy the Unique Transformation of Your Timber Benchtops in Perth

It is quite the experience choosing the kind of timber benchtops you’d like in your Perth home. At Fremantle Timber Traders, most of our clients like to come in to discuss the history, design and particular use of their timber preference. Similarly, it is common for clients to visit during the process and see the transformation from rough sawn timber to a beautiful finished piece.

What You Should Consider When Choosing Your Benchtops’ Design in Perth

When choosing the design of your timber benchtops in Perth, there are many considerations you need to factor in, which include:

How thick would you like your benchtops to be?

At Fremantle Timber Traders, we offer finished thicknesses that range from 28mm to 80mm. While the standard size is 40mm, we can customise whichever thickness you prefer. Moreover, we also provide lamination services ranging from 80mm to 120mm, should you prefer it for your benchtops.

What type of wood would you like to use?

We offer a generous range of timber which includes Jarrah, Marri, Blackbutt, Maritime Pine, and Tuart.

Choose between an unfinished or finished look

We can deliver a Bullnose or Natural Edge look to your benchtop. Thanks to our in-house experts with 40 years, you can guarantee A-grade quality regardless of what you prefer.

How much is your budget?

In any project, having a financial plan is important. We can work within your means, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much.

Timber Benchtops Perth
Timber Benchtops Perth

Embrace Sustainability Through Our Timber Benchtops in Perth

When it comes to choosing decorations and interior pieces, timber benchtops in Perth are the classic option. At Fremantle Timber Traders, we believe beauty, function, and durability do not need to cause havoc to our community. That’s why we only use recycled timber which significantly reduces the need for cutting trees, thus, helping our environment. Whether it’s for bar tops, countertops or vanities, we are passionate about making sure that we only deliver the highest standard of output.

Our extensive knowledge in salvaging wood has impressed countless clients in Perth and other nearby suburbs. Thanks to our talented artisans, we can customise whichever design you have in mind in the sharpest and most polished result. Our clients put their trust in us for our impeccable craftsmanship. This has led us to collaborate with hotels, bars, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. Aside from that, we also cater to architectural needs such as flooring, posts, beams and decking.

Furnish your home with eco-friendly materials and let us customise your timber benchtops in Perth.