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Timber Slabs Perth


Contact Experienced Professionals for Your Timber Slabs in Perth

Timber slabs in Perth are a beautiful addition to your home and our experienced team presents you with a simple process. With 40 years of experience in the industry and eight years since our business was established, our tradesmen and artisans are well-trained in crafting custom benchtops, countertops and tabletops out of timber slabs. Rest assured that they are not kiln-dried but rather age-dried. This means that they are left to naturally dry over time until a bright, rich colour appears with a beautiful texture and grain.

Our Timber Slabs in Perth – Adding Unrivalled Character to Your Home

Throughout the years, timber slabs in Perth have been widely used both in domestic and commercial sectors. While today’s building innovations are beneficial to us, they often require more wood, thus, call for cutting more trees. We all know the devastating effects of doing such and so instead, we only use recycled timber for all our projects. We take pride in using 100% reclaimed woods, which means that we significantly help in conserving trees.

At Fremantle Timber Traders, our wood selection process is extensive. This is to ensure we only provide the best. We meticulously source materials from heritage sites, farmers, wind-blown trees, demolition and other commercial sites in WA, Perth and Wool Stores. These lumber pieces were originally milled 50 to 120 years ago, which guarantees durability and unique physical characteristics.

timber slabs Perth

Improve Your Space By Using Eco-Friendly Timber Slabs in Perth

People commonly see timber slabs in Perth used as tabletops, flooring and cabinets. At Fremantle Timber Traders, our experts with 40 years of experience can craft out of the ordinary woodworks such as:

Mantle Pieces

If you want to achieve the ultimate rustic style for your home, hang mantle pieces by your fireplace. It accentuates your wall, adding a warm and cosy atmosphere to your interior.

Bathroom Fixtures

We create bespoke custom vanity tops that can be sawn according to your need and preference.

Lighting Fixtures

Create an extra sophisticated interior using our slab as the base of your lighting fixture.

Chopping or Charcuterie Board

Our timber slabs can be cut to your desired shape, even to smaller chunks which are ideal as boards.

Mirror Frame

Not fond of boring and typical-looking mirror frames? Then try calling us for a custom wooden mirror frame.

Have you got specific design ideas for timber slabs in Perth? Our skilful artisans can help you. Call Fremantle Timber Traders today for a quotation.