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Timber Supplier Perth

Timber Supplier Perth

A Timber Supplier’s Guide on How to Choose Decorative Lumber in Perth

Choosing the right lumber for furniture is crucial and our many years of experience as a timber supplier in Perth can help. Since they can affect the aesthetics of your home, it’s important to choose the right timber that can add value to your space. Different factors such as budget, material, beauty and workmanship should be considered.

  • Budget
    While it’s natural to anticipate the hefty cost for custom-made projects, we offer sustainable timber for decking, furniture, flooring and more, which can cut significant expenses.
  • Quality of Material
    Marri is the most famous hardwood for decorative purposes, while Jarrah comes in second. They’re the popular choices because of how robust and beautiful they are.
  • Beauty
    When it comes to choosing timber for your furniture, it’s also important to consider how they fit into your interior space.
  • Workmanship
    Regardless of how tensile and beautiful the material is, poor workmanship can ruin this. So, make sure to choose the right custom-maker.

Specialist Timber Supplier in Perth

As one of the leading timber suppliers in Perth, we value our client’s satisfaction. To achieve this, we have streamlined our process to ensure our stringent quality control is consistently being met. From the initial point of contact to final checks, we deliver impeccable attention to detail, especially if it involves custom pieces.

At Fremantle Timber Traders, understanding your vision is our first step to guaranteeing satisfying results. We will offer our expert advice regarding the right wood to choose from and collaborate with the design. Since we are keen on providing quick and upfront pricing, our quotation will be fast. Therefore, leading you to have a quick assessment of your budget and further discussion about how we can fit.

Additionally, this will also save us more time and eventually, result in beginning the project earlier. Furthermore, it’s our commitment to completing the job within the timeframe, so you can have the furniture as soon as possible.

Timber Supplier Perth
Timber Supplier Perth

Achieve Sustainability – Let Us Be Your Timber Supplier in Perth

Here at Fremantle Timber Traders, our extensive knowledge of being a timber supplier in Perth has allowed us to source and offer different types of wood. Thanks to this, we can confidently say how reclaimed wood looks more beautiful, especially when you use them for creating cabinets, countertops, tables and other decorative home features. Using salvaged wood is also the reason why all our custom-made pieces have a unique depth of colour no other wood can offer.

We have been handcrafting bespoke furniture for over 25 years. This accumulated experience has enabled us to finish bespoke furniture pieces that are beyond our client’s expectations. We offer different options of thickness and finishes ranging from 28mm to 80mm, in the bullnose or natural edge and more. If you have specific measurements, we can cut to order woods such as:

  • Marri
  • Jarrah
  • Blackbutt
  • Maritime Pine
  • Tuart

Discover why we are the top timber supplier in Perth. Contact Fremantle Timber Traders today to find out more about our wide range of options.