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timber supplies Adelaide

Timber Supplies in Adelaide | How to Choose

Choosing timber supplies in Adelaide requires prior knowledge about what kind of timber you want and how to check the quality of what you are purchasing. From different uses that range from using it as a source of fuel or construction material, to furniture or the creation of several textile products like rayon, timber is essential for many businesses. One thing that most people are confused about is choosing the right kind of timber supplies. Here are the two most important points to consider:

  1. Choose the quality, considering the kind of application you want to construct. For instance, when doing high-profile projects, use high-quality timber like Jarrah, fire-resistant and robust Australian hardwood.
  2. Check the colour as woods from the same family can differ in appearance. To check if the colour of timber matches your specific requirements, hold it in good light to compare.

Timber Supplies in Adelaide | What We Offer

We offer a variety of high-quality timber supplies available in Adelaide. Browse through our list of the timber supplies that we offer for some inspiration:

  • Jarrah: One of the strongest kinds of Australian hardwood, Jarrah is a fire-resistant timber known for its durability.
  • Maritime Pine: Commonly used in the construction and furniture industry, Maritime Pine is a medium-sized softwood.
  • Wandoo: One of the finest quality timbers, Wandoo is used for heavy construction purposes like poles and bridges.
  • Marri: Famous for the construction of household furniture, Marri is Australian hardwood.
  • Tuart: Grown in the Darling Range of Western Australia’s Southwest, Tuart is one of the largest hardwoods of Western Australia.
  • Karri: Are you obsessed with wooden floorings? Well, that’s Karri at work. It is mainly used for indoor furniture and design.
  • Blackbutt: Commonly used for external applications, Blackbutt is a large Australian hardwood.
  • Sheoak: From flooring to panelling, constructing furniture, roofing shingles and turnery, Sheoak is an all-rounder timber that belongs to Western Australia.
timber supplies Adelaide
timber supplies Adelaide

What Makes Fremantle Timber Traders Your Best Option | Timber Supplies in Adelaide

Finding the best timber supplies in Adelaide can be a little challenging but not anymore. The team at Fremantle Timber Traders have been in the business evaluating for eight years, with the owner Terry having 40 years of experience in recycling and demolition. From highly trained craftsmen who know what they’re doing, to a whole variety of timber supplies, we can confidently say that we are the largest supplier of timber in Adelaide.

Moreover, at Fremantle Timber Traders, we do not believe in wastage. This is why we work hard to recycle this timber and collect beautiful wood, ready to be used on different projects. Since our timber supplies are handmade by our top-notch, highly trained and experienced workers, we can assure you of the quality, worth and durability.

Contact our team of specialists today at Fremantle Timber Traders to find our more about our timber supplies and services in Adelaide.