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200-300 year old logs from the forest... This bridge in the Karri forest was one of hundreds built by the timber industry. Western Australia, Circa 1890.
Courtesy: Jack Bradshaw 'Jinkers and Whims'
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Recycled & Reclaimed Australian timber Supplies Perth - Slabs, Bench-tops, Decking, Flooring, posts, beams & more.


Fremantle Timber Traders are a leading supplier of recycled timber supplies in Perth. Our team of expert timber craftsmen are specialists in bringing unique timber projects to life using salvaged, Australian hardwoods. 

A Passion for Native West Australian Timber


Our bespoke timber is aged naturally over many years and often comes with a rich history. When we create your next timber project, you are receiving a memorable masterpiece that will stay in your family for generations.  

A solid table top crafted using salvaged Jarrah support beams from the Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge.

A beautiful Marri table top, custom designed for a customers home.

Wide board Jarrah decking timber, cut to order and readily available in our Fremantle warehouse.

Recycled Timber is readily available at our Fremantle Warehouse, in all shapes, sizes and forms - from Hardwood Slabs, Posts, Beams, Bush Poles, Gluts, Wharf Timber, Railway Sleepers, Stair Treads, Recycled Timber, Timber Supplies Perth, Recycled Flooring to Re-milled Decking and more!

This is the result of years of hard work to salvage and recycle hardwood timber with the least possible damage, reclaiming wood that was originally milled between 50 – 150 years ago which has been dried with age, rather than kiln-dried. 

This early timber is vastly superior in quality, compared with recently milled timber, as the colour, grain and texture of the wood has come about naturally over time. The character and patina simply cannot be matched.

Why Choose Us?



We will complete your order on time, and to the highest standards. We have a diverse and highly experienced team of timber craftsmen who are dedicated to bring your project to life.   

Customer Experience

Fremantle Timber Traders values customer experience. From pairing clients with the perfect recycled timber for their home or business, to the exciting reveal of the finished product and a follow up phone call to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 


Skilled Timber Craftsmen

Our expert team of timber craftsmen have over 35 years experience creating unique furniture from vintage Australian hardwoods. We are passionate about unique projects using timber with a rich history. 

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