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Beautiful Australian sustainable hardwoods, ethically sourced and re-birthed from a bygone era. Years of hard work to salvage and recycle this precious resource has led to a collection of timber that's breathtakingly beautiful and rich with history.

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Australian sustainable hardwoods are readily available at our Fremantle Warehouse in Perth, in all shapes, sizes and forms - from Hardwood Slabs, Posts, Beams, Bush Poles, Gluts, Wharf Timber, Railway Sleepers, Stair Treads, Recycled Flooring to Re-milled Decking and more!

This is the result of years of hard work to salvage and recycle hardwood timber with the least possible damage, reclaiming wood that was originally milled between 50 – 150 years ago which has been dried with age, rather than kiln-dried. 

This early timber is vastly superior in quality, compared with recently milled timber, as the colour, grain and texture of the wood has come about naturally over time. The character and patina simply cannot be matched.

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New table tops stock

Marri table top Jarrah slab table top Oregon recycled table top [ More ]

Stock available

New Stock: Jarrah bridge timbers

Jarrah bridge timber stock 210 x 145Length 3.2 to 4.0m [ More ]

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New flooring stock

Merbau – flooring stock Recycled, remilled Merbau 150 x 17.5 mm [ More ]

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New Oregon stock!

Oregon, recycled 190 x 70, mostly 5.9 m lengths, large quantity [ More ]