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Timber Flooring Perth - Fremantle Timber Traders are renowned for quality re-cycled milled and re-claimed milled timber flooring. We salvage beautiful vintage West Australian hardwoods and re-work it into stunning hardwood flooring. All of our timber is rich with history, adding a unique touch to every project.


Jarrah flooring at the Fort Knox Old Woolstores in Fremantle


Recycled Marri flooring


Salvaged Wandoo Flooring from a Gymnasium in Perth. 


Finished Maritime Pine flooring at a home in Perth.

Our flooring is reworked with precision machining and the strictest of quality control to deliver solid recycled timber flooring.

All our flooring is guaranteed! Our quality process includes:

  • 1
    Keeping our batches together - Our re-claimed flooring is not mixed up with different house lots. Tongue & Groove profiles can vary greatly. Each house is different and if you mix up house lots, it becomes a nightmare for the floor layer to install and reduces the quality of the finished product. This will often result in gaps and height differences.
  • 2
    We measure floorboard thickness - Any less than 5mm above the Tongue may break under pressure after sanding. We measure the thickness of our floorboards (how much material above the tongue), which determines the life of your floor. If the floorboards are 5mm or less, we will not consider it / consider them unusable. It's not uncommon for tradesman to sell low quality timber which can cost you thousands and a lot of wasted time.
  • 3
    Cleaning Tongue & Grooves - Grit & Varnish build up can prevent a clean join between floorboards. We clean the tongues and grooves of all our flooring, which makes for a nice fit.
  • 4
    Correctly storing Floorboards - Wet floorboards will shrink after being laid. All our flooring is kept dry and out of the weather.
    These simple quality checks can make a fundamental difference to the structural integrity of your timber flooring project. Re-claimed timber flooring is often rich with history and ensures no harm is done to our environment. With the right knowledge, this timber is perfect for creating eye catching modern or rustic living spaces.
  • latest arrivals

Jarrah Flooring 75 M2 Special

Dimentions: 130 x 21

Price: $85 / m2


Recycled Blackbutt Flooring

Dimentions: 40 m2.

Price: $2,500

  • timber flooring in stock / cut to order:
jarrah timber jarrah grain


marri timber marri grain


maritime pine timber maritime pine grain

Maritime Pine

wandoo timber wandoo grain


tuart timber tuart grain


karri timber karri grain


blackbutt timber recycled salvaged reclaimed timber


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Recycled Timber is readily available at our Fremantle Warehouse in Perth, in all shapes, sizes and forms - from Hardwood Slabs, Posts, Beams, Bush Poles, Gluts, Wharf Timber, Railway Sleepers, Stair Treads, Recycled timber flooring Perth to Re-milled Decking and more!

This is the result of years of hard work to salvage and recycle hardwood timber with the least possible damage, reclaiming wood that was originally milled between 50 – 150 years ago which has been dried with age, rather than kiln-dried. 

This early timber is vastly superior in quality, compared with recently milled timber, as the colour, grain and texture of the wood has come about naturally over time. The character and patina simply cannot be matched.