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Karri timber is native to Western Australia and is most commonly used for flooring. Renowned for it's durability and distinctive red colour, Karri timber is perfect for a broad range of applications. This is a West Australian hardwood which is also valued by designers in the manufacture of indoor furniture and design.

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Karri timber is known for its distinctive red-brown heartwood, which is lighter in colour than Jarrah. Its sapwood grows in a narrow band, and is pale and easily distinguished from the heartwood. The grain of the timber can be slightly interlocked or straight, with a somewhat course texture.

Common Applications

The timber of the Karri tree has a number of common construction applications including flooring, paneling and joinery. Karri is also suitable for framing and in structural plywood. High quality furniture can be produced with Karri timber and the distinctive colour and figure of the timber, along with its durability makes it sought after for this purpose. Treated timber is used for exposed framing and decking. Its structural uses include wharf and bridge construction, cross-arms, rafters and joists. Other applications include pulp and paper, veneer, railway-carriage construction, agricultural implements and shipbuilding.


Karri timber can be difficult to work because of its heaviness and density. It requires some pre-drilling when nailing, is not able to be readily glued and has a poor reputation for holding paint. Planers must be set to an angle of 15 degrees when dressing, and the when moulded, the timber requires additional sanding. While relatively durable the timber is susceptible to termites and is not recommended for in ground use. Heartwood timber is not easily manageable, partly because of its interlocking grains, as well as its high density. The heartwood does not accept preservative impregnation.

Source: Wood Solutions

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