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Timber in our Warehouse comes in all shapes, sizes and forms.
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hardwood slabs

Hardwood Slabs


Decking & Flooring

bench and table tops

Bench & Tabletops

posts & beams

Posts & Beams

Mining and industrial timber

Mining & Industrial

Come into our warehouse to see our variety of Hardwood Slabs, Posts, Beams, Bush Poles, Gluts, Wharf Timber, Railway Sleepers, Stair Treads, Recycled Flooring to Re-milled Decking and more.

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Stock available

New table tops stock

Marri table top Jarrah slab table top Oregon recycled table top [ MORE ]

Stock available

New Stock: Jarrah bridge timbers

Jarrah bridge timber stock 210 x 145Length 3.2 to 4.0m [ MORE ]

Stock available

New flooring stock

Merbau – flooring stock Recycled, remilled Merbau 150 x 17.5 mm [ MORE ]

Stock available

New Oregon stock!

Oregon, recycled 190 x 70, mostly 5.9 m lengths, large quantity [ MORE ]

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