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Wood Slabs Perth

Wood Slabs Perth

Fix Scratched Wood Slabs in Perth

When it comes to the appearance of wood slabs in Perth, it’s natural to be keen on maintaining their most excellent shape. Whether it’s your flooring or prized table, seeing scratches can cause panic. Luckily, there are ways you can reverse the situation.

For light scratches, all you need to do is apply diluted rubbing alcohol with a damp cloth. After this, you can apply commercial scratch removers or pigmented nail polish to make your timber look as if nothing happened.

To remove deeper scratches, you will need wax or wood fillers to patch up the damage. First, use 600-grit sandpaper to smoothen out your wood slab’s surface. Then, apply the wax or wood filler gently until it fills in the gap. When you’re done, gently scrape off the excess material using a putty knife or scraper. To top it off, apply nail polish on the surface.

Choose Premium Wood Slabs from Our Reputable Supplier in Perth

With more than 40 years of experience, Fremantle Timber Traders have been providing wood slabs for Perth clients. Taking pride in our specialist woodworkers’ wealth of knowledge, we have been delivering exceptional custom pieces for countless customers. Moreover, we have unmatched attention to detail which allows us to easily spot premium timber in a farmer’s land, heritage building and more. The timbers we find are sawn up ourselves which guarantees that our high standard of quality is consistently maintained.

Our clients trust us for the extensive range of skill sets we have. Whether you need custom flooring, vanity tops, bar tops, or other rare wood crafts, our artisans can deliver them to you. Aside from that, we offer straightforward pricing that ensures value for money. Moreover, we complete jobs quickly, unless it’s a bigger project that requires a larger quantity of rare timber materials. Nevertheless, we still deliver satisfactory results that withstand wear and tear.

Wood Slabs Perth

Trendy Interior Design Styles in Perth Requiring Wood Slabs

Since wood slabs are timeless, they are a staple in interior design trends in Perth. These trends include:


Famous for its island-inspired décor, this interior design style wouldn’t be complete without high-quality and light coloured wood slabs.


This farmhouse style can accentuate your home with warm-toned woods. You can also get specialised posts and beams to achieve the ultimate look.


This is another interior design that requires darker toned wood slabs. The usual elements for this style consist of bricks, steel and timber, which look timeless and exude utter elegance.


Popular for its minimalistic approach to interior design, Scandinavian spaces typically use light coloured wood and subtle pops of colours.

Mid-Century Modern

Another stylish interior design is Mid-Century Modern. Popularised in the 1940s to 1960s, it calls for natural, clean lines, and functionality-focused woodworks.

Experience impressive custom work using recycled wood slabs in Perth. Contact our team today for a quotation.